Japanese Handcrafted Chopsticks for the physically challenged

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Craftsman Katsuyuki Miyabo, has understood the plight of people suffering from hand disabilities, spot on. People eager to eat ethnic and authentic dishes with chopsticks face a lot of difficulty using the traditional pair of sticks.

They get restricted to holding the utensil or balancing the pair of chopsticks while eating. Miyabo is based in Fukui, Japan and has witnessed this ordeal first hand. His well designed spring operated pair of chopsticks need very little effort to use. A person with a hand disability just needs to pick up these joined chopsticks and apply a little pressure to pick up the food. Once the pressure is off they go back to their original open state.

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These handcrafted chopsticks can be custom designed to fit the palm of the user ergonomically. They are thicker than the normal chopsticks in order to offer a firm grip while eating.

Miyabo takes special care by interacting with each client and designing a pair that suits his needs the best. The process is very technical and clearly defined in order to deliver the client a perfect pair of chopsticks. He is known to observe his clients closely and understand their lifestyle in detail in order to derive motivation for his projects.

These cool chopsticks are sure to offer relief and joy to a large number of people with physical disabilities who cannot enjoy their food the traditional way.

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