NTPC Koldam Hydel Plant May See Further Delay

Koldam Hydro Power Project ModelThe 800-MW NTPC Koldam hydel power plant may see further delay in commissioning due to its alleged faulty construction, as a result of which, it is believed the reservoir is unable to hold water.

The state-run, NTPC’s first hydel plant was started in 2003 with an approved investment of Rs 4,527 crore.

Earlier, the production was supposed to start in 2009, after which it was extended up to March 2013, but now it is believed that as a result of geological and environmental factors the reservoir has been unable to hold water resulting in delay in power generation.

According to concerned authorities, it would take around four to five months for repairs, after which the filling of water can be done.

Therefore, the commissioning will now take place in 2015.

The power generated will be supplied to Himachal Pradesh, Jammu& Kashmir, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.

The project that was started in 2003 will have cost over- run of around 20 per cent.

HP being the home state will get 12 per cent free power as royalty, 15 per cent as bus bar tariff and 2.75 per cent as grid distribution from overall power supply of 800 MW.


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