Himachal university does away with paper re-evaluations: RUSA rules take over

Shimla: Under Graduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG) students across the state won’t be able to apply for re-evaluation of their exam papers. This rule has been implemented under the regulations of RUSA and will come into effect from this session only. 

Controller of Examinations, HPU, Prof. N.K.Gupta has declared, “The re-evaluation process of exam papers has now been terminated following the regulations of RUSA. And the process has been brought into effect from this session only.”

In case students want to see their papers again they can apply through RTI and if they have any query regarding the evaluation they can forward their complaints to the chairman of the concerned department.

Till now, students scoring less numbers in particular subjects could apply for the re-evaluation only by filling a simple form. And the university administration was bound to declare the result within the 30 days of receiving the application for re-evaluation.

But according to this new system students can only apply through RTI to return their paper. Afterwards, the committee framed by the university will re-check the papers. Numbers will only increase if the teacher is found guilty and paper will be checked in front of student only.

Merits of the new system:

  • Under this system evaluator will be held responsible for wrong checking. Students can directly ask questions from the evaluator regarding the paper.
  • Papers will be checked in front of students and they will get a chance to increase their marks.


  • This new System is a long process.
  • Only photostat copy of the paper will be provided to the students and any extra cost will also be charged from students only.
  • Students will have to look around the committee that will waste lots of time of students.

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