I introduced Anna Hazare in Delhi, says Ramdev

Yoga guru and anti-corruption crusader Baba Ramdev address a press conference at Shimla on Friday. Photo By Amit Kumar

Shimla: Although giving credit to Anna Hazare for his crusade in getting the long awaited Lokpal Bill passed Yog Guru Ramdev on Friday claimed that it was he who introduced and provided platform to the social activist in North India on the anti-corruption podium. “Anna was unknown to the people before that in Delhi”, he said while addressing a press conference here before taking a massive meeting of Kisan Panchayat representatives from all over the rural hill State of Himachal.

He said he is doing the ground work for organising people for his forthcoming celebrations of completion of 20 years of Swabhimaan Trust on 5th Jan 2014 in New Delhi which would be attended by none other than the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. He disclosed his plans for a “Yog Mahotsav” in March next year where more than 10 crore people simultaneously would take part in that and more than 10 lakh people together would do yoga exercises in Delhi. The event would be recorded by the Guinness Book of world Record, he added.

“But this entire exercise is also being taken as Devasur Sangram to finish off the corrupt UPA regime in Delhi”, he claimed.

Showing his clear preferences for the BJP he denied that his priorities have now changed from anti-corruption movement to seek a patronage from one of the two largest parties in the country. He claimed that he is fighting his own battle and facing charges on his vast Ayurvedic medicine domain. He showed his resentment on the arrogance of Aam Admi Party and said he is not aware of its any other agenda than cashing on the anti-corruption mood of the voters. “I am not sure if they are liberals, rightists, socialists, communists or opportunists-but if they would lack Bhartiyata I would not support them”, he declared.

Interestingly the Yog Guru still did not deny the possibilities of forming his own political front and said he might go for it in the future if the corruption continues in the country.

He also repeated his disgust for the homosexuality and said the supporters of this phenomenon like the Congress party who are very vocal on this issue are shockingly silent on the major issues of corruption and black money. “They are propagating the culture of Bhog instead of Yog”, he said. Ramdev also denied the unrestrained profit making by his Ayurvedic companies and said his drug rates are four times cheaper than the similar medicine available in the market.

KY Singh is a political observer and a senior journalist with an interest in a diverse set of issues related to Himachal Pradesh and other mountain states. He lives in Shimla.

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