Dhumal’s son questions Virbhadra’s farm income rise as union steel minister

Shimla: Booked in a forgery case over a land deal, Mr Arun Dhumal, the younger son of former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal hit out at chief minister Virbhadra Singh questioning his sudden rise in income when he was the Union Steel Minister in the UPA II government.

At a conference all Arun Dhumal made public many minor details of the chief minister’s income tax returns. He claimed that his income levels had returned to the pre-steel ministry days where as the prices of apples have gone manifold in the market.

Arun Dhumal flanked by other BJP leader at media conference
Arun Dhumal flanked by other BJP leader at media conference

He said that Virbhadra Singh, who had sent revised income tax returns for three consecutive financial years on an extraordinary rise in his agricultural income, is not being questioned by any of the central government agencies.

While demanding an immediate enquiry he claimed that Mr Singh would be questioned the very first day on the change in government at Centre next year.

Providing documentary proofs of Singh’s and his families original and revised IT returns, he said there is a phenomenal rise in his modified returns from 2008 to 2011.

Mr Singh had filed a return of Rs 7.35 lakh as his agricultural income in 2008-09 that rose to become 2.21 crore in his revised returns. His aggregate income became Rs 2.37 crore from mere Rs 23.73 lakhs.

Likewise his agricultural income from Rs 15 lakh and total income from Rs 59.67 lakhs became Rs 2.80 crore and Rs 3.25 crore respectively in the revised returns of 2009-10.

In the amended IT return of 2010-11 Mr Virbhadra Singh’s income of Rs 25 lakh from farm house and Rs 40.13 lakh from all sources suddenly became Rs 1.55 crore and 1.70 crore.

“Mr Virbhadra Singh returned to the hill State and became the Chief Minister in 2012 and surprisingly his original income tax returns does not shows any enormous rise, least he revises them again”, ridiculed Mr Arun Dhumal who has promised to bring another disclosure about Singh tomorrow.

He said Mr Singh should share his farm knowledge with other farmers of the State and tell them how his money has grown on apple trees.

“Crores of money in cash had been deposited in the account of one of his men Anand Chauhan and LIC’s lucrative one time premium policies had been bought the very next day on the names of Singh, his wife Pratibha Singh, son Vikramaditya and daughter Aprajita, disclosed Mr Arun Dhumal while releasing the copies of various agreements made between Chief Minister and the contractors.

Earlier he had released the papers of his land purchase in Dharamsala and challenged the Chief Minister on any revenue discrepancies in it.

He said the CM has only one point agenda of chasing his political opponents, registering FIRs and referring all cases to the Vigilance department without any rhyme or reason.

Mr Arun Dhumal claimed he is totally a non political person and is being targeted because of the political credentials of his father and brother.

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