MTB Himalaya 2013, not just about lung power

Are you an addict for that rush of adrenalin, driving you crazy for more adventure? And do you have the stomach to take a big leap riding on two wheels?

Well, here’s news for you. Himalayan Adventure Sports & Tourism Promotion Association (HASTPA), a Shimla based entity, in collaboration with Himachal Tourism is holding its 9th edition of a mountain biking event that attracts many international participants.

MTB 2013

Mountain biking in the Himalayas is a God send opportunity for the descents and climbs are the most challenging that any mountain change in the world can put to a diehard biker.

Out to test both stamina and endurance the 6 day cross country race has been set out on about 500 Km of laid back Himalayan country tracks.

Starting out from Shimla, the highest point the bikers would reach during the race is at an elevation of 3400 meters altitude where along the route the bikers would encounter the slow pace of farm life in the hills and get to see some of the most panoramic sunrises and sunsets in a rich mountainous landscapes.

Bikers will wind through open meadows, thick vegetation, narrow village roads, and densely wooded slopes offering spectacular views of the surrounding peaks and valleys. The trail also comprises some jeep tracks, single tracks and slopes of loose rock debris.

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