BSNL will once again become the leading phone company in India :CMD

VRS will be offered to aging employees of nigam

BSNL have restored almost restored its services in UttrakKhand flood affected areas

Chairman –cum MD of BSNL, R K Upadhyaay is confident that , BSNL will once again become the leading phone company in India .

Talking to media at Dharamsala on Monday CMD said,” We lacked behind the other private companies, as we could not purchase the required equipments in last 4-5 years due to many reasons. Now everything is OK and tenders to purchase has been floated. BSNL has planned a rs 40,000 crore capital for the purpose.”

He said , “ Nigam is emphasizing on present telephone exchanges to New Generation network NGN, to give all mobile facilities to our land line subscribers.” He said , “29, 000 such exchanges shall be converted to NGN. 28000 of them are in the rural sector.’

Upathayay said that BSNL iis supending 52 % of its capital in employees salaries as compared to other competitive companies who are just spending 5-6 %.He said , “we are waiting for Govt. of India’s approval of VRS for our employees. He indicated that the average age of our employees is 50 years.

Upadhyay said , “ The remote areas of Himachal shall be connected through Micro wave so that fbre cable disconnectivity in bad conditions could be avoided.”

“70 telephone exchanges were affected in Uttra Khand tragedy, only 7 are to be restored now and all the 400 towers are now working there, “added CMD. He said that BSNL could respond to 4000calls to give last location of lost persons through their cell phones record, to their near ones in last 7 days.

In the morning R K Upadhyay, agog with other officials of Himachal visited Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama in mecleodganj.

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