Tulisa Contostavlos’ father worried for her

Los Angeles, June 10 (IANS) Singer Tulisa Contostavlos’ father Plato Contostavlos says he is worried about the way his daughter is leading her life.

Tulisa, 24, was arrested and interrogated last week for letting out that she was involved in supplying cocaine. Her friend Mike GLC was also questioned.

“I was devastated when I heard it – that’s my child. I was hurt badly. I just thought, ‘What’s this – what are you doing? Have you had a drink too many and you’re starting to talk rubbish’,” thesun.co.uk quoted Plato as saying.

“I fear for Tulisa and her career and I’m trying to reach out to her so she can succeed again. I’m worried as a father about the people she’s hanging about with. Any father on the planet would have fears – but I know she’ll pull through because she has strong family,” he added.

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