International DJ to spin innovative beats for audience

New Delhi: A self-taught disc jockey (DJ), Lucy Stone is not new to the Indian audience, especially Chandigarh, where she will be playing for the second time on Saturday. She has a pulse of the audience, and plans to uplift their mood with interesting innovations.

“I played here last year and now that I know the pulse of Chandigarh, I plan to take it up a few notches with some new innovations,” Stone told IANS in a e-mail interview, adding how “the more you play around the world the more experienced you become and the job becomes even more enjoyable”.

She also plans to add a fusion touch.

“People always connect to their roots because that is the music they have grown up hearing and understanding So there will be a bit of fusion this time,” Stone added.

The 27-year-old, who will spin the disc at the Blue Blazer, received a music scholarship when she was eleven. She learnt how to play the saxophone and clarinet. Music had a great influence on her during her growing-up days. Hence, it wasn’t difficult for the London-born DJ to take up music at the university.

It was during this time that she was drawn towards clubbing spot Ministry of Sound (MoS), and decided to take up music professionally.

Today, she is a successful DJ and her association with MoS goes back to six years. With an overall experience of a decade in the music world, she now tours on her own and enthralls the audiences all over.

Learning the tricks is important, but passion holds prime importance, she said, and explained: “I have worked very hard to be where I am today. I am self-taught and have learnt from the internet. You can learn from the software. All you need to have is passion for music.”

Stone, a British girl, is no alien to Indian food as she lives on London’s Brick Lane, which has many Indian restaurants. During her maiden visit to India, she had 22 curries in five days.

Remembering the delectable flavours, she said: “I love Indian curry. The balanced spices and the thick gravy. It just can’t get better. For a change, ‘oily’ is good!”

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