Indians prefer trains for long distance travel: Study

New Delhi, June 26 (IANS) A recent study of railways shows that the trains continue to be the most preferred medium for long distance travel in India.

The survey conducted by shows that 76 percent travellers in India prefer trains for long distance travel, while 50 percent people take trains to visit their hometowns and cities.

“It is now reaffirmed by this study that railway is the lifeline of the Indian travellers,” said Manish Rathi, chief executive officer of

Not only for long distance travel, trains have also emerged as the popular mode of transport for daily commutation.

“This study aligns with the traditional view that the train is a popular mode of transport for comfortable travelling in our country,” Rathi added. provides the Indian railway passengers personalised real time updates on their journey through internet, email, text messages and voice messages.

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