Goan musician ties up with Trinadad and Tobago rapper

Panaji, June 20 (IANS) A Goan musician has teamed up with a Trinidad and Tobago rapper to craft an album with an eye to putting it out on international music channel VH1.

The new music video ‘Cozy Together’ by Varun Carvalho, a self-confessed dentist-by-day and singer-by-night, features rapper and musician Nkenge Ross aka Nick, who has earlier played in Caribbean Bands like Ecstatic and Matrix.

Speaking to reporters Thursday about his role in the video with Varun, Nick said he had been regularly coming to Goa for the last few years and that he sings a rap sequence in the video.

“I have played keyboards in bands in the Caribbean like Ecstatic and Matrix and have been rapping in several gigs in Goa too,” said Nick.

According to Varun, the song “Cozy Together” has been shot in Goa and is a love ballad, a part of his album “I Gotta Go Home”.

The dental medicine professional, who has four clinics in India and one in Britain, says that playing with an international artiste, in this case Nick, helped him experiment with music and expand his horizons.

“It gives the music international touch as well as helps to widen the scope of your talent too,” Varun said.

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