Dads rely on Google to solve children’s problems: Survey

London, June 19 (IANS) What do dads do when their children approach them for help or for advice? They go to Google for answers to their kids’ query or problems, reveals a new research.

The survey conducted by Plusnet reveals that 67 percent of children said they go to their dads for help and advice and 63 percent of dads will then go to Google to find the answer for them, reports

Fathers mostly struggle with homework, for which they rely on the web search engine. But even when their children grow up, fathers continue to use Google to solve their problems.

As their children grow older their reason for approaching dad changes. Instead of going to them for help with homework, grown ups go to their dads for advice on money, property and cars.

Approximately four in 10 dads go to Google to get information on money and a further 34 percent will consult the internet for advice to pass onto their adult children about property. Finally, 26 percent will rely on Google for advice about car maintenance.

Girls are more likely to go to their dad for advice, with 68 percent of girls asking dad for help compared to 62 percent of boys.

“It’s great to see that children still rely on their fathers, but interesting to see that nearly two thirds of fathers are turning to the internet to be able to provide their children with the answers,” said Jamie Ford, CEO of Plusnet, which conducted the research.

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