Shruti Haasan might write for films

Mumbai, May 24 (IANS) Actress Shruti Haasan enjoys acting but, unlike her father Kamal Haasan, she isn’t too keen on film direction. However, writing for films is something she won’t mind in future.

“Everyone says, ‘I want to become director’. It is easy to be a director, but it is very difficult to be a good director. I haven’t thought about it. I like writing though. That is something I enjoy the most. I have plans, but let’s see,” Shruti told IANS.

Asked if she would like to write for films or get into scripting some day, she said: “Maybe I will write for films. Right now I have too much on my plate.”

Shruti, 27, doesn’t even have any plans to share her life with someone as of now, and she likes her independence.

“I haven’t really thought about settling down. I am personally living alone. Living in is a big question you know. My mother (Sarika) lives two to three streets away from me. I am living alone for many years now.

“I am independent, I have lived in the US alone, I like my apartment, my bedroom, my kitchen. So living in is no question. I can’t imagine letting someone in it right now.”

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