Shimla garbage collection scheme struggles to keep city clean

Shimla: The door to door garbage collection scheme is facing a tough time as the municipal authorities are unable to provide dedicated dumpers for timely collection and the people tending to misuse the dustbins provided for the purpose being put to other uses.

Shimla Municipal Corporation had distributed two types of dustbins, one green for bio degradable and another yellow for non-bio degradable garbage in every house for which people were charged Rs 100 per house. But the people in Shimla are using these dustbins for storing water and other purposes in their kitchens and bathrooms. garbage scheme

When an MC official was asked about it, he said, “the municipality has only one dumper which carries both bio as well as non-biodegradable garbage at the same time. We are trying to make arrangements for two separate dumpers so that two types of garbage are carried separately and the dustbins provided to people may be used for the desired purpose.”

Dissatisfied with the services of MC, Anjana Chauhan, a city resident said, “If MC did not have the necessary infrastructure for proper disposal of garbage they should not have spent money on buying dustbins provided to people.”

The corporation is charging Rs 40 and 80 per month from domestic and commercials door to door garbage collection scheme whereas it was Rs 20 and 50 till last year.

The service suffers from regularity and on top of it the collection charges stand doubled for domestic category, said Anjana. The financial burden, especially those of students stands increased substantially.

The schemes and services launched by the corporation need to be checked in order to make them successful in the real sense.

But the Municipal Corporation of Shimla is not monitoring the door to door garbage collection service properly whether people are making proper use of the dustbins provided by it or not.

There is a big gap between the theory and practical, as the corporation had committed to provide separate dumpers for bio and non bio garbage, but still there is only one dumper carrying both types of garbage.

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  1. says: Swati

    It is very easy and the safest way to blame the urban local bodies for all the failures.. Well honestly speaking, if the people are not responsible enough at their end, the authority alone can not work wonders. It takes time and effort both on the part of the local body as well as the citizens to make systems work…Rs. 40 a month is no burden to people who spend Rs. 300 a day on a pizza.. when one can not manage their own dirt and filth how can we expect some other human being to dirty his/her hands, take the stink and sort the garbage. is this human? Had the mentioned citizens been fully responsible, they would have not misused the dust bins. We must learn to follow the rules ourselves and then blame the rule breakers… Accusing is easy following is hard.. Sadly we always choose the easy path..

  2. says: Swati

    As responsible media, who has the power to awaken the commons, must understand how to wisely use their tool. Blaming is easy anyone can do..the responsibility of the media is to point out the wrong and throw light on the possible right intervention. have you ever tried that?

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