SC to see if Gujarat erred on Vidya Sahayaks

New Delhi, May 27 (IANS) The Supreme Court will examine whether the Gujarat government’s policy of recruiting Vidya Sahayaks on five year contracts on a fixed salary before they are absorbed as primary teachers was discriminatory.

“Would it not be discriminatory?” asked the bench of Justice B.S. Chauhan and Justice Dipak Misra as senior counsel U.U. Lalit told the court that there was no direct appointment of primary teachers in Gujarat.

Lalit appeared for the Gujarat government.

As the apex court said it would look into the larger issue, it ordered status quo on the appointment and posting of nearly 13,000 Vidya Sahayaks across the state. They were appointed by the Gujarat government in 2011.

The Gujarat government had moved the apex court challenging the state High Court order which said that the list of the candidates based on their categories should not be disturbed.

Taking note that Vidya Sahayaks were on fixed salary for five years, the court inquired if the qualification of Vidhyas Sahayaks and primary teachers was same then why were they being treated differently in payment of salaries.

“Why their pay scales are different?” asked Justice Misra.

Lalit told the court that there was no direct appointment of primary teachers and their appointment was routed Vidya Sahayaks.

As court ordered status quo, Justice Chauhan said they would look into the larger issue.

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