Over-the-top sequences a norm: Rohitashv Gour

Mumbai, May 25 (IANS) Over-the-top comic sequences have become a staple in TV shows and films. Actor Rohitashv Gour explains that this is so because the Indian audience enjoys them the most.

“India’s realism is over the top. If you see folk theatre also, they are larger than life. Even when someone dies, people often beat themselves and cry. So our culture is over the top. So people like over the top things,” Gour told IANS.

But having said that, the actor admits seeing “realistic” changes and added: “…I am seeing that this trend is slowly changing. Now situations are more believable.”

How do you control over the top roles?

“If things go over the top, I try to control it. It also depends on the kind of scenes. Sometimes scenes demand over acting. When I was doing ‘Hum Aapke Hain In Laws’, my character was supposed to be over the top, so that is what I used to do,” he said.

The actor will be seen in the second season of SAB TV’s popular show “Lapataganj”, which, according to Rohitashv, will show a complex father-son relationship.

“There is a conflict between the father and the son. This will be shown in the comedy. Mukundilal (Rohitashv) is a little frustrated. This is a shade that has been added to the character,” he said, adding that even though the show will have real emotions, they will be portrayed in a funny manner.

“The language will have comedy. It will be reflected through the dialogues. The emotions to be shown are real,” he said.

The show has also taken a leap and the actor feels it will “help” as after a while “the audience starts finding things a bit stale”.

“This had started happening (in ‘Lapataganj’) as well. Some things were becoming stale and we were little bored with characters as well. I think the idea of season two is very good,” Gaur said who has also been part of shows like “Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam”.

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