Censor damaging us, get rating system: Abhishek Kapoor

Mumbai, May 25 (IANS) Filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor feels it is high time to create a definite rating system for films so that a demarcation between sleaze and adult content can be made for the convenience of filmmakers and viewers.

In the current scenario, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) categorises both adult and sleazy content under one umbrella of ‘A’ certificate.

Kapoor, the director of films like “Rock On!!” and “Kai Po Che!” suggests that “we can always put a rating system where we can distinguish between a good film and a sleazy film. A lot of people have been discussing this because censor thing is damaging us”.

“No one realises that it’s like a bottleneck for such a big industry and we have to figure this out keeping in mind that you don’t want to offend the sensibilities,” the filmmaker told IANS.

Censorship needs to shape up to offer innovative solutions, and to refrain from moral policing.

“The problem is you can’t show an A-certificate film (on TV) because if you show that, you will also end up showing some absolute sleaze porn as well because they both go with A-certificate.

“There should be a bifurcation what can be shown in adult certification and what can be shown on television or what cannot be shown on television so that one can come up with some other certification,” he added.

His films have been clean so far, but Kapoor feels that when he ventures into bolder subjects, his film should not fall pray to censor certification.

“Tomorrow, if I make an adult film, nobody should be able to stop me like that. You can keep a separate rating for it.”

Citing the example of National Award winning film “The Dirty Picture”, he said the film “had to go through so much of embarrassing humiliating experience because at the end of the day it’s not just a business, it is a piece of art and it’s treated so badly that it’s very humiliating”.

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