Himachal Pradesh University students protests faculty appointments, promotions

Shimla: Pricing of B.Ed prospectus issue at Himachal Pradesh University yet to be resolved, the Students Central Association (SCA) has opened up another front by crying foul over appointment and promotion of faculty members.

President SCA Rahul Chauhan blamed Vice Chancellor ADN Bajpai for failing to implement the academic performance indicator in consonance with UGC 2010 regulations for appointment of professors. hpu

“With active support from the Himachal Pradesh government, the vice chancellor has violated UGC rules and regulations for appointing new professors,” said Chauhan.

“Under the rules whereas only 15 meritorious candidates should have been given call letters for interviews but in psychology 38 candidates were called, he said questioning some of the promotions in Physics and legal studies departments.

“It is because of such actions on the part of the university authorities that HPU has fallen from Grade A University to Grade B+, said Chauhan.

Earlier, SCA had raised a high pitched protest against increasing the prospectus sale price for conduct of B.Ed entrance examination to be conducted by the university but it has more or less withered out as the prospectuses continue to be sold at the new prices as the university administration has not cut back on it.

Having failed to get the university to roll back the prospectus sale price, SCA appears to be resorting to diversionary tactics by bringing in a new issue, said Deepika, a university student. The university seems to have stopped taking the students protests seriously, she added.

An intern at Hill Post, Dharam Prakash is pursuing masters in journalism & mass communication at Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. Previously, he has worked as an intern at Dainik Jagran Ltd. A young journalist in making, Dharam Prakash loves to blog and writes what he believes in.

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