Celebrity diving show ‘excessive’

Beijing, May 2 (IANS) The flagship daily of China’s Communist party Thursday criticized two TV stations for airing a reality show featuring celebrities exhibiting diving skills, saying the show was “excessive”.

“There is a bottom line to entertainment, but many have turned a blind eye for the sake of ratings,” a commentary in People’s Daily said.

The commentary did not specify the names of the stations.

The article made a connection between popular talent show programmes featuring singers and the diving show, stating that singing was a more appropriate skill to promote than diving, as it is less difficult.

The commentary also criticized the celebrities who have appeared on the diving show, describing them as being obsessed with being in front of the camera.

“Some celebrities attempt to maintain their popularity by participating in such shows,” it said.

“From singing shows to diving shows — where are China’s talent shows going to go next if people become tired of diving shows?” the article said.

“I advise these stars to jump from buildings to improve their ratings,” actor Chau-Sang Wong was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

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