Actress Akanksha Singh misses watching IPL regularly

Mumbai, May 17 (IANS) TV actress Akanksha Singh, who calls herself “a huge fan of Indian Premier League (IPL)”, says she misses the times when she was a regular viewer of the annual cricket extravaganza.

Akanksha, a supporter of IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals, says she isn’t able to catch up on the cricket fever this time due to her busy schedule.

“I have not got the time yet. Till the last (IPL) season, I was a regular watcher. I used to watch matches at my home in Jaipur and I used to cheer Rajasthan Royals. I am really missing (it) this time,” Akanksha, who plays Megha in Colors’ show “Na Bole Tum…Na Maine Kuch Kaha 2”.

Akanksha was present on the set of the show and was shooting a cricket sequence for it with the entire cast.

Actor Kunal Karan Kapoor, who plays Mohan in the show, said he prefers the traditional cricket game rather than the IPL format.

“I am confused which player belongs to which team (in IPL),” said Kunal, on the set of the show.

“I am a fan of cricket between India and Pakistan,” he added.

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