1,000 water plants for Rajasthan villages

Jaipur: To provide clean drinking water to villages in Rajasthan, the state government will set up over 1,000 RO (reverse osmosis) plants in rural areas of the state, officials said today.1,000 water plants for Rajasthan villages

A senior Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED) official told that the decision to set up RO plants have been taken keeping in view the problem of contaminated water supply in rural areas.

“This step is being taken to provide clean drinking water in villages. The polluting chemicals in the water supplied to villages often go unchecked. The constant supply of polluted water leads to several diseases among people over the period of time,” the officer said.

He added that the state government will set up 1,000 plants in far-flung rural areas in the first phase of the project. The plants will be set up in an area having population of at least 1,000 people.

“In the rural areas which have population of about 1,000 residents, the state government will install an RO plant with a capacity of filtering 500 litres of water every hour. Those areas which have more population will have RO plants with a capacity level accordingly,” said the officer.

The officer added that in the first phase, the state government will set up 360 plants in Jodhpur division, 150 plants in Ajmer division, 300 plants in Bharatpur division, 30 each in Bikaner and Kota divisions, 100 in Jaipur and 40 plants in Udaipur division.

The officer said that the projects aims to provide at least 40 litres of filtered drinking water to each family every day where RO plants are set up in the first phase.

“The water distribution will be monitored by the local panchayat of the village,” the officer said.


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