President Mukherjee supports sparrow conservation

Mumbai, April 1 (IANS) Nature Forever Society (NFS), which works for the conservation of house sparrows, said Monday that President Pranab Mukherjee supports the cause.

NFS founder Mohammed Dilawar said that Mukherjee had invited society representatives to understand their work on conservation of house sparrows.

“NFS representatives also explained to the president how the Common Bird Monitoring of India programme is helping in collecting vital statistical data on the population of house sparrows and other common birds across the Indian subcontinent,” Dilawar said.

“It is the only citizens’ science project in the country to monitor the common birds of the nation. It is mainly aimed at involving communities into the bird conservation movement of India,” he added.

Dilawar also briefed Mukherjee about the World Sparrow Day (celebrated March 20) and how it was initiated in 2010 by Nature Forever Society.

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