Pakistan calls for peaceful post-NATO Afghanistan

Islamabad, April 20 (IANS) Pakistan has urged all concerned stakeholders including the US to ensure Afghanistan turns a peaceful, progressive, prosperous and stable country after NATO-led coalition forces’ withdrawal.

It has expressed concern about the possible direct impact of any hostility in the war-torn neighbouring country, Xinhua reported.

Pakistan is in contact with all concerned in this regard and is monitoring the evolving situation, the foreign ministry said Friday.

“Pakistan is ready to cooperate with all stakeholders to achieve the overall objective of achieving peace and stability in Afghanistan in 2014 and beyond,” said spokesperson Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary during weekly briefing.

“We are convinced that peace, stability and reconciliation in Afghanistan are in Pakistan’s own interest. Pakistan will facilitate peace process in Afghanistan in every possible manner,” he said.

There are some issues between the two countries, including that of border management, and military authorities of both sides have met to resolve it, he said.

“In our view, effective border management can help interdict any cross-border terrorist activity,” he added.

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