Now ‘Anamika’ wants someone to woo her

Mumbai, April 12 (IANS) TV actress Simran Kaur, who plays the witch in TV serial “Anamika”, is tired of running after a man in the show and now wants someone to woo her instead.

“I am tired. Now I want someone to pursue me. As a girl you want someone to woo you and do something for you. But here I have gone mad, I feel like I am the hero of the show,” Simran said here Thursday on the sets of the show.

“I am going to surrender soon. I can’t do this anymore and please bring someone for me who tries to woo me,” she added.

Anamika is a witch in the show, who tries every possible method to get Jeet (played by Mudit Nayar), who is actually in love with Rano (played by Annie Gill).

The show went on air Nov 26 last year and is telecast on Sony TV at 8 p.m.

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