Stop pointing fingers at others : Tibetan exiles tell China

Dharamsala : Tibetan refugees in India have dismissed the Chinese government’s allegations that the ‘Dalai clique’ is motivating the self-immolators and the self-immolations of the Tibetans as an act of terrorism through its propaganda machinery.

The Tibetan parliament-in-exile would like to state that these allegations of the Chinese government are completely baseless and is a shameless act of pointing fingers at others while hiding its own failed policies in Tibet.

Since March this year ten Tibetans, including both monks and lay persons, have self-immolated themselves for Tibet and the Tibetan cause. Of the ten five have died and the condition of the remaining five is still unknown.

Tibetans have urged governmental and NGOs around the world, especially the United Nations to take action with regard to the unjust and failed policies being carried out by the Chinese government in Tibet and call for the proper medical treatment of those Tibetans injured in the self-immolations.

We also call upon the world community to press the Chinese government for the quick release of Ditsa monastery’s Geshe Tsultrim Gyatso, Derge Dzogchen Topden and Tibetan writer and political activist Mechey.

“At the same time, we would like to call upon an independent investigation into the grim situation prevailing inside Tibet by independent journalists, researchers and political leaders,” a statement said .

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