Rs.40,000 a ticket for Gaga concert in Noida

New Delhi : One has to shell out Rs.40,000 for a ticket to attend international pop star Lady Gaga’s performance at the F1 after-party in Greater Noida Sunday and the show is a total sell out, says actor-businessman Arjun Rampal, who is organising the event.

“The maximum capacity for the party is 1,000, and Gaga’s show is completely sold out,” Arjun said.

The F1 after-parties, to be held as part of the Airtel Grand Prix of India, will take place at a special, 20,000 sq ft construction at the Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort in Greater Noida.

International DJ Roger Sanchez will perform on day one Friday, Edward Maya on the second day Saturday and Tom Navy on day three Sunday. Gaga will stage the finale.

Gaga, known for numbers like “Poker face” and “Born this way”, is already in town, and excited about her performance.

“I am finally here + what a dream come true. Performing at Formula 1 in INDIA, and my first day here I reached #15millionmonsters,” Gaga had posted on micro-blogging site Twitter after reaching here Thursday.

Her Indian ‘monsters’, as she calls her fans, are excited too.

“I think Lady Gaga is uber cool. Look at her flamboyant style, carefree attitude, she is so popular…I was so keen to watch her show, but the ticket rate is so high,” said 17-year-old Devyanshi Mehra.

Even Arjun Sinha, a 23-year-old was looking forward to Gaga’s performance, until he found out the ticket price.

“There was no way I could have asked my parents to sponsor such an expensive ticket for me. But I am sure all the people who are lucky enough to attend it, will get to enjoy a lot. She’s a total rockstar!” he said.

Asked about the reason for putting such a heavy price tag for the party, Arjun said: “We couldn’t have lowered the price. We have limited space…and here, we are talking about an immensely popular international celebrity. One has to understand that the costs are very high. Maybe if we had a bigger venue with capacity for more people, we could have gone easy on the price. But with less people, it becomes difficult to lower the price. After all it’s business, and we have to break even.”

Arjun says he has other reasons too for pricing the party at Rs.40,000 per head.

“We know Gaga has a lot of young fans. In fact, a majority of her young monsters here are teenagers…so we couldn’t have kept a low price, and invited youngsters to a party where there would be free alcohol and stuff. It’s not a done thing,” he said.

That is why he has tied up with UTV Stars to telecast the show at a later date in November.

“For all those who will miss out Gaga’s performance, they can watch it on TV. After all we should give the young monsters a chance to see their favourite star on her India tour. The channel will show all the performances exclusively,” he said.

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