Infosys to combat cyber security threat with Belfast varsity

Bangalore, April 16 (IANS) Indian IT bellwether Infosys Ltd has tied up with Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland, to combat the global cyber security threat.

Invest Northern Ireland, the Irish government’s regional business development agency, will also collaborate in the project.

“The partners will set up a research, education and commercialisation model, develop solutions and intellectual property for combating cyber security threats arising out of digital and cloud-based business models,” the global software major said in a statement here Tuesday.

Infosys and the Irish university’s Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) will select topics, including combating maleware, security of mobile and cloud infrastructures and privacy issues for financial markets.

“The three-year partnership will lead to the establishment of a CSIT-Infosys Cyber Lab that will become part of a global network of companies and institutions developing security technologies,” the statement said.

As part of the CSIT advisory and governing board, Infosys will play a key role in developing the centre’s research roadmap and gain access to its technologies for commercial usage.

Infosys and CSIT will also promote joint research projects and sponsor PhD scholarships, internships, faculty sabbatical and exchange programmes.

“As partners, we will impart training and education on advanced concepts in data privacy, cloud, contemporary web application and wireless security as well as intelligent surveillance systems,” said Infosys Labs & Products R&D chief Subu Goparaju.

The partners will seek funding from agencies in India and Europe for relevant projects.

“The rise of cloud and mobility solutions has increased the need for greater cyber security. The partnership will provide us insights into cyber-crimes and access to the work being done at CSIT. We believe the outcome will not only result in stronger products for our clients, but also in a safer digital world,” Goparaju observed.

Queen’s University Vice Chancellor Peter Gregson said cyber security risk was a serious threat to every device, be it via smart-phones and their applications, online banking or through developments in cloud-based services.

“Our agreement sees Infosys join with 20 other industrial partners, including many global players who have committed to supporting CSIT in its quest to solve some of the real world security challenges of the future,” Gregson pointed out.

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