Himachal Pradesh University students jostle for exam forms

Shimla: To a fast approaching deadline for filling examination forms for a masters course at the state funded university, non availability and shortage of forms is leading to a scramble at the fee counters that has added to the students problems on the campus.

When this reporter approached a university official, he said, “Due to printing problems, only 100 MA (Master of Arts) application forms were being received which was causing the shortages. As it is we cannot sell more than one form to any applicant,” he added.

Crowds at HPU fee counters: Photo - Dharam Prakash
Crowds at HPU fee counters: Photo – Dharam Prakash

With the last date for filing forms extended to 27 April, as the earlier deadline expired today, students wanting to fill the examination forms are only getting more and more anxious.

It is even harder for outstation students, who after day long waiting are unable to secure a form, much less fill one to become for writing the examinations.

With another day wasted in trying to get hold a examination form, Ruchika Sharma, a MA English second semester student lamented, “For the past four days I have been trying to get hold of a form but the supply is too short to meet the demand and I have failed to get one.”

Given the crowding and scramble for forms, many students have been forced to neglect their studies and miss classes just to stand in queues at the fee counters.

Till last year, the university administration used to authorize book store owners to sell forms in the market, but the printing problem, this time has forced all students to stand before counters dispensing the scarce available document.

Even student outfits, otherwise on short fuse to agitate about problems facing the community, have failed to take up the issue and the university administration has failed to address the problem.

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