Book on election surveys launched in Delhi

New Delhi, April 17 (IANS) A book that promises to enhance the understanding of how election surveys are conducted in India was launched here Wednesday.

“Measuring voting behaviour in India” has been authored by Sanjay Kumar and Praveen Rai. The 175-page book has been published by Sage and is priced at Rs.350.

However, the authors have made sure that the book isn’t just a collection of statistics and numbers and have tried to make it “as interesting as possible”.

“Books of research surveys often do not offer interesting reading but we have tried our best to make this book as interesting as possible,” Kumar told IANS.

The book has eight chapters that cover several topics like the history of election surveys, how they are conducted, designing of questionnaire, sample size and the critical process of estimating vote share and converting them into seats.

According to Kumar, the book has personal experiences of field officers for the fun factor.

“There have been many election surveys in the last decade in the country and many of them were wrong in their forecast … This book has the answers on how to efficiently carry out a survey,” said Rai.

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