Actress Anjali’s brother worried about her whereabouts

Chennai, April 10 (IANS) Southern actress Anjali, who has been in hiding after accusing her stepmother, Bharati Devi, and Tamil director Kalanjiyam of harassment, has left her brother Ravi Shankar worrying about her whereabouts.

Anjali has been in hiding since Monday.

Her brother has not heard from her since then. Worried about her whereabouts, he registered a missing person’s case Tuesday. Police officers are investigating the matter.

“I haven’t spoken to her since Monday. She was in a hotel in Hyderabad on Monday, but she is not to be found there now. I worry about her whereabouts. Until I see her, I won’t be relieved,” Ravi Shankar told IANS.

On Monday, Anjali complained that her stepmother, Bharati Devi and director Kalanjiyam were mentally torturing her and have been using her like an ATM.

She left Chennai and moved to Hyderabad, where she settled down in an undisclosed location and was unavailable for contact.

Following Anjali’s allegation, her stepmother and director Kalanjiyam the rumours and stated that they caused her no harm and were clueless about reported harassment charges.

Kalanjiyam also filed a defamation suit against Anjali Tuesday for charging him with baseless allegations. He was even ready to handle all charges against in a courtroom.

Meanwhile, Bharati Devi has filed a police complaint Wednesday alleging that Anjali may have been kidnapped and is being forced to issue statements against her and director Kalanjiyam.

“She (Bharati Devi) believes that someone could have kidnapped Anjali. She fears that her kidnapper might be forcing Anjali to allege harassments charges against her,” a police official said.

It is reported that Anjali called her mother Wednesday. She has requested her brother to withdraw all charges against her step mother and director Kalanjiyam.

“My mother claims that Anjali spoke to her sometime back assuring that she is doing fine. She requested that I withdraw all charges against our step mother and director Kalanjiyam. I won’t withdraw any charges until I see her. For all I know she might have been forced to say all this,” Ravi Shankar said.

Hyderabad police commissioner Anurag Sharma said the investigation is underway.

“We are on the lookout for her (Anjali). Until we find her, we can’t come to any conclusion,” he added.

Anjali is known for successful films such as “Engaeyum Eppothum”, “Kalakalappu” and “Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu”.

She made her cinematic debut with Tamil drama “Sathamindri Muthamidu”, which was directed by Kalanjiyam. However, that film never saw the light of the day.

She was to join the sets of Telugu remake of “Bol Bachchan” Wednesday in Bangalore. The film unit has started shooting scenes that do not involve her.

“She (Anjali) was supposed join the team today. We couldn’t wait any longer because we are working on a tight schedule and, therefore, started filming scenes that does not include her. I hope she returns soon,” Sravanti Ravikishore, producer of the film told IANS.

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