One dead, two injured in police firing at Shimla

Shimla: A young man was killed and another two were injured in police firing that took place at about the midnight hour on the outskirts of the city here.

The deceased has been identified as Udayvir Singh Panwar and is the son of a retired government employee Pratap Panwar.

The other persons who sustained injuries in the firing has been identified as Harsh Sharma, a resident of Chakkar and Nitin, a resident of Fagli.

Police hold off protestors at IGMC

Police hold that provocation for the police having to fire upon the Uday and Harsh at Tara Devi impounded vehicle yard was that they attacked a police party who had nabbed Nitin earlier when the three of them had entered the yard at night and were attempting to steal spare parts of vehicles parked in the compound.

The police party patrolling the area came across the three of them attempting to steal part at the compound.

Constable Ranvir Singh and constable Rahul attempted to catch all of them but only got hold of Nitin while the other two escaped under cover of darkness.

The police version says the both Harsh and Uday returned in a car (HP – 52A-1545) and attempted to release Nitin from police custody.

The policemen had to resort to firing in self protection and in the darkenss bullets hit Harsh and Uday. The duo were taken to IGMC for treatment after that. An attempt to murder case has been made out of the incident.

Investigating police officer in the case Madan Dhiman said that police personnel who were out on patrol duty encountered three persons in the impounded vehicle yard. “Firing was resorted to in self defence,” said Dhiman.

However, the victims are said to be disputing the police claims. Sources claimed that one of the vehicles lying in the yard belonged to the brother-in-law of Harsh Sharma and they they had only gone to inspect it.

An argument is said to have broken out with the patrolling police party and unprovoked firing was resorted to. After being injured, delays in bringing the victims to hospital is said to be the cause of one of them dying.

The firing incident is reported to have occurred at about about 11.30 p.m., when constable Ranbir Singh is said to have opened fire.

Under court orders, the impounded or recovery vehicle compound was shifted out to the outskirts due to lack of space in the city and police have been assigned duty to patrol the compound at night also.

The death due to firing has led to protests by many organizations, with police having a hard time in containing the protesters at IGMC hospital and Boileauganj police station.

Photo by: Amit 


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  1. says: Sheetal

    WORDS ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN SWORDS-RAVINDER dont write because you want to practice your skills, if you are writing for the public to read, be careful with each word, dont mislead people, get facts first and then give your opinion…BE RESPONSIBLE.and DUTIFUL..and also FEARLESS..
    and also you didnt mention..RIP Uday..

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