Three day Tibet conference to examine China leadership transition

Dharamsala: Experts on China from around the world will participate in 3 day conference on Leadership Transition in China: Implications for the Chinese, Tibetans and Others. This 3-day conference is being organized by the Tibet Policy Institute from 28th-30th December in Dharamsala India.

Besides Prof. Chong-Pin Lin, Michael van Walt van Praag, Dr. Gordon G. Chang, the Indian experts like Prof. Madhu Bhalla and Dr. Abanti Bhattacharya will also participate. Chinese born independent scholars and writers like Zhu Rui will also be there. Dalai Lama’s ex envoys on Dharamshala- Beijing talks Kasur Lodi Gyari shall also share the experiences.

Giving the details of the participants Lobsang Choedak, Press Officer, CTA , said that Chinese  Prof. Chong-Pin Lin ,is a professor at the Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies in Tamkang University in Taiwan, and Michael van Walt van Praag is a visiting professor at Modern International Relations and International Law at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton (USA).

Michael Van Walt is the author of the Status of Tibet: History, Rights and Prospects in International Law, which is considered the most definitive work on the international status of Tibet. Dr. Gordon G. Chang, is the author of the celebrated book, The Coming Collapse of China. Dr. Gordon G. Chang currently teaches at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Western Illinois University.

“I welcome the China experts to Dharamsala,” said Tibetan PM (Sikyong), Dr. Lobsang Sangay. “I am confident that all the young staff of the Central Tibetan Administration attending the 3-day conference on the leadership transition in China will receive new insights and perspectives from these China scholars

The conference participants will also benefit from the insights of Prof. Madhu Bhalla who currently teaches at the Department of East Asian Studies, Delhi University. The participants will also benefit from the insights and perspectives of Dr. Abanti Bhattacharya who also currently teaches at the Department of East Asian Studies of University of Delhi.

Besides these scholars, there are also independent scholars and writers like Zhu Rui who though born in China and worked in Tibet now lives in Canada and writes extensively of the issue of Tibet in various Chinese language journals and websites.

The conference will benefit from the wisdom and rich experience of Kasur Lodi Gyari who will talk about the dialogue process between Dharamsala and Beijing.

The conference participants will also benefit from the knowledge and experience of Mr. Dawa Tsering, Dalai Lama’s representative in Taiwan, Mr. Tsegyam, a secretary in Dalai Lama’s office , Mr. Lobsang, Deputy Director of the Tibet Policy Institute and host of the researchers from the Tibet Policy Institute and from the Department of Information and International Relations.

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