Stop interfering in Tibet, says China

Beijing: The Chinese foreign ministry today criticised statements issued by foreign officials on Tibet, and urged those countries to stop interfering in China’s internal affairs.

ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunyin“Tibetan affairs are totally China’s domestic affairs,” Xinhua quoted ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying as saying.

Hua said that recently, politicians from the US, the European Union and Canada had disregarded facts, confused right and wrong and groundlessly accused China on Tibet-related issues.

She said the comments were “rude interferences” in China’s internal affairs and Beijing was strongly dissatisfied with them and resolutely opposed those acts.

The spokesperson said Tibet has made great progress in politics, economy, culture and other fields since 1951, and that the region is widely recognized by the international community.

She urged relevant sides to respect China’s sovereignty and no longer do anything to interfere in the country’s internal affairs.


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  1. says: Christopher Grech

    I personally think that the Chinese are Brutal oppressors in thiere Illegal occupation of Tibet, thiere human rights record is disgusting they act like Base beasts in the total lockdown and oppression in #Tibet

  2. says: Free Tibet

    i can never be part of Red Army China….. what respect to sovereignty over Tibet…. Baseless History at all…. Even if so also we never respect your Sovereignty over Tibet because first you cant respect even basic Human right In Tibet….what progress in Tibet….. you bloody Chinese took Billions of Tibet minerals and all….. Dont worry we never lets you sleep peacefully ….FREE TIBET…… TIBET WAS, TIBET IS, TIBET WILL NEVER BE PART OF CHINA…….WE NEVER RESPECT PRC OR RED GUARD ARMY BUT WE RESPECT CHINESE COMMON PEOPLE….. FREE TIBET, FREE CHINA……… YOU KNOW 95 TIBET PEOPLE ALL OVER TIBET SELF IMMOLATED AGE FROM 15 TO 64 YES BECAUSE OF YOUR BRUTALITY N RESTRICTION OF BASIC HUMAN RIGHT……. AND ALSO TOTAL 7 CHINESE NATIONALITY ARE ALSO SELF IMMOLATED AGAINST THE INJUSTICE OF GOVERNMENT INCLUDING 2 PERSON SELF IMMOLATED ON 14TH DECEMBER FROM PHUNCHUN PREFECTURE…….. FIRST LIBERATE YOUR OWN REGION THEN THINK OF TIBET……

  3. says: Dickee

    When China accepts that Tibet was The Tibet as a nation before 1951, then why can’t they accept it today?? Okay if they came to develop us.. The So called. development.. Then kindly leave our country and get lost to your Land!! Stay in limits!!! Greediness kills!! I wonder every Chinese leaders when they give speeches… Do they wear sort of mask and come?? Omg!! Heights of lying!!! Shoes be hurled at them seriously!?

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