Mercury dips in Chandigarh, neighbouring towns

Chandigarh: Overcast conditions prevailed in most parts of Chandigarh and in various towns of neighbouring Punjab and Haryana Tuesday morning, causing a sudden dip in temperatures in the region.

The weather office related this phenomenon with the snowfall in some parts of Shimla and upper reaches of Himalaya early Tuesday.

Chandigarh’s minimum temperature recorded Tuesday morning was 8 degrees Celsius.
On Monday the city’s maximum temperature recorded at 26.4 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature was 9.3 degrees Celsius.

“Overcast conditions are prevailing in Chandigarh in different towns of Punjab and Haryana. We are expecting light rainfall by Tuesday night and it would cause a substantial dip in the mercury in the region,” said a Met official at Chandigarh meteorological centre.

“There is some chill in the air as cool breeze is blowing in this direction from upper reaches,” said the official.

The meteorological department has predicted foggy days ahead in Punjab and Haryana.

“After light rainfalls at regular intervals in next two-three days, there would be clear sky in the region. But by Dec 16 or 17, dense fog cover would start enveloping this region during early mornings and during nights,” added the Met official.


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