Police haul up a dozen gamblers at Lavi Fair in Himachal

Rampur: Notorious for its gambling haunts, the annual traditional Lavi Fari set on the banks of River Satluj was rudely shaken up at nearby hamlet Nogli where police broke into a house yesterday to nab gamblers who had assembled for a high stake game.

Though the police were only able to recover Rs 50,480/- from the safe house but the party led by police officer Tilak Chand hauled up a dozen people who have booked under Gambling Act case.

Tilak Chand said those booked under the Gambling Act case were Ami Chand S/o Sh. Paras Ram R/o VPO Sariyun, Teh Theog, Satish Kumar S/o WSh. Miyan Ram R/o VPO Jangla, Teh Rohru, Rajeev S/o Sh. Mangat Ram R/o Vill Kutheri, Teh Kotkhai, Nareder Kumar S/o Sh. Saran Dass R/o VPO Baghi, Teh Kotkhai, Distt Shimla, Kapil Panday S/o Sh. Paras Ram Panday R/o VPO Balag, Teh Theog, Distt Shimla, Pawan Kumar S/o Sh. Saran Dass R/o VPO Baghi, Teh Kotkhai, Distt Shimla, Babu Lal S/o Sh. Inder Singh R/o Vill Sheela Desh, Teh Chirgoan, Distt Shimla HP, Vishal S/o Sh. Sohan Lal R/o VPO Tharola, Teh Kotkhai, Distt Shimla, Vinod Kumar S/o Sh. Chet Ram R/o Vill Chamain PO Kalgoh, tehsil Kotkhai, Shashi Kumar S/o Sh. Dula Ram R/o Vill Barkharala, PO Ratnali, Teh Kotkhai, Sanjay Chouhan S/o Sh. Het Ram R/o Vill Dagui, Teh Kotkhai, Distt Shimla, from the house of Chet Ram VPO Nogali.

Brau, on the left bank of Satluj at Rampur, used to be the traditional place where all the gamblers used to assemble for high stake games till recent times.

The gamblers used to take advantage of the different police station jurisdictions that covered the two banks at Rampur, while the right bank came under Shimla district police, the left bank was governed by Kullu district police.

Governor inaugurates Lavi Fair

Having realized the laxity in the police enforcement of the gambling act during Lavi time, a combined effort drove out the gamblers from their usual haunts to nearby villages that are considered at a safe distance from the law enforcing agencies.

Governor Urmila Singh inaugurated the three day Lavi Fair yesterday, where brisk business in local produces and traditional handicrafts draws a lot of buyers.

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