In Gujarat, it’s Modi versus the rest

If the future of politics in Gujarat belongs to a democratic election and authoritarian sprit of outright action, then Narinder Modi is surely a front runner to the helm.

The Chief Minister, acclaimed for his authoritative approach and all round development of Gujarat in his decade long tenure, has all the chances to once again for the third consecutive time lead BJP to power in the State.

Seeking re-election form Maninagar Assembly constituency, Modi is one of the most popular politicians in the country.

Modi with his leadership qualities and a persona difficult to evaluate has become a regional leader with a global personality, thus there is no real face within the party or in the opposition who can match his allure in the Assembly election in Gujarat.

Yet, he remains a twig in the eye for media, who hold him accountable for communal brutality that unfolded in Gujarat in 2002.

Modi has been denying of any wrongdoing ever since and has transformed into a model of good governance and administration in Gujarat over the years, but he still battles the complaining media.

Modi is the first Indian political leader to face live questions from citizens on variety of issues, using social media as medium.

Modi’s Google Hangout success hurt already lingering Congress party badly and also dented the prime time TV viewership, which did upset the media houses gravely.

Modi’s leadership, unlike that of other politicians who’ve garnered immense national approbation is different for the fact that his leadership has grown within the confines of his own party. Though, the way he’s matured in stature may not gulp down that throats of many.

His authoritative approach has earned him several political enemies, many senior ministers split from the party and others subdued within because – Modi is one voice in Gujarat – you are with him or against, there is no middle way – a simple mantra of his outright leadership that has left him at odds with many within his own party.

Congress criticized largely for ineffective leadership and widespread corruption, has staged some sort of a comeback after hanging of Ajmal Kasab that could be of some concern to Modi as he leads BJP for another election campaign in Gujarat.

But that’s not the only thing Modi has to be apprehensive off, he will have to overcome internal opposition that some party members may cause for him. Modi however can take heart from the fact that what happened 10 years back is now at the back of the head of all Gujaratis.

Development is what makes Gujarat a state to be reckoned with in the country. Development in the state is benefiting all communities irrespective of caste and religion, an argument Modi can take up in the state election to claim the right credentials for a national office.

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