Kangra district voters increase by 1.6%

Kangra District Himachal  Pradesh Map

Kangra: There is 1.60% increase in the voters of Kangra district where polls for the 15 Himachal Assembly seats will be conducted on 4th of November”said K R Bharti, Presiding officer of the district.

Kangra has the highest number of seats as compared to other districts in the 68 seat assembly elections in Himachal. Bharti said that till date Kangra has 1051251 voters including 250739 female voters. The district will have 1545 polling stations with only 62 in the urban area.

These polling stations will include 267 sensitive and 136 hyper sensitive ones. Bharti also added that a total of 8035 officials will be deputed on the polling work. Apart from that 4150 security personnel will also be imposed on the polling duty including 378 persons of the central para military staff.

A total of 2330 EVM will be used for polling in the district. He said, “The nomination papers will be received by the concerned returning officer appointed for each assembly constituency in that area only for the first time as it was submitted earlier in the SDM offices of the area.”

Bharti said that election expenditure shall  be monitored by  ,expenditure observer, Asst. expenditure observer, video surveillance teams, video viewing teams, accounting teams, expenditure monitoring control room / call center and flying squads. A committee has also been constituted for keeping watch on paid news.

He said that the political parties and other representatives were instructed about model code of conduct and guidelines of the Election Commission over meetings, processions, polling day, polling booths, and observers.

Bharti said, “For the first time in India the voters will be distributed with polling booth identity slips bearing voters photo by election offices a couple of days before the polling. These chits are valid identity of poling too.”

He said that persons completing the age of 18 years on or before 1-1-2012 can apply for voters’ card till 7th of October 2012 if not registered till date.

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