Vikram dedicates ‘Thaandavam’ role to Daniel Kish

From L to R – Vikram, Daniel Kish and director Vijay

Chennai: Actor Vikram’s role in his upcoming Tamil film “Thaandavam” is based on a real life character and he has dedicated it to his source of inspiration.

Vikram plays a RAW agent who turns blind in the film and it is inspired from visually challenged Daniel Kish, an echolocation expert and is also the president of World Access for the Blind.

Speaking at an event here, the actor said: “I dedicate my role to Daniel. Had it not been for him, we couldn’t have done this film.”

The actor underwent training sessions in echolocation, the ability of humans to detect objects by sensing echoes, with Daniel, who also plays a small part in the film.

Daniel, who was flown down for the event, said, “Working with Vikram was a delightful experience. I felt like I was training one of my own students.”

When asked was he born blind, Daniel clarified, “I lost my one eyesight a few months after my birth and second one when I was 13 months old.”

“Thaandavam” is directed by A.L. Vijay and this is his second movie with Vikram.

The director met Daniel through a common friend and spent a few days with him to understand how he works.

“I spent a few days with Daniel at his residence in the US. Unlike us, he can see through this ears and that’s what makes him a champion in echolocation,” said Vijay.


An action-thriller, “Thaandavam” also stars Amy Jackson, Anushka Shetty, Jagapati Babu and Lakshmi Rai.

G.V. Prakash has composed the music for the film, which will have a worldwide release Sep 28.

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