Ramdev’s Patanjali products fail tests

Patanjali Yoga Products RamdevDehra Dun: Baba Ramdev’s yogic exercise may be doing wonders for the health of the masses, but if the Uttarakhand food department is to be believed, Ayurvedic products made at his Patanjali Products could be doing quite to the contrary. Samples of some produce have failed tests conducted have failed tests conducted at the Udhamsingh Nagar laboratory.

It may be recalled that a team of the state food department had picked up some samples from the sales depot of the Patanjali Food Products at Kankhal in Haridwar district on August 16. The products bearing the label Patanjali Food Park included mustard oil, gram flour, honey, black pepper, pineapple jam and salt, which were sent for testing tom the laboratory.

The report from the laboratory made public on Tuesday has claimed that three samples of mustard oil, salt, honey and black pepper are sub-standard, while the labels in the gram flour and salt packages are misleading.
The honey it is alleged is made of ‘litchi’ juice and has only five per cent honey in it, while the mustard oil is actually produced by Jaipur-based oil manufacturer. The gram flour packet label contains the word ‘arogya’ on the label which is not allowed as per law. The black pepper packet also has the word ‘arogya’ on it and the nutritional value of the produce is not mentioned.

As for the salt it was said that it has been produced by a Gujerat based company and the people were being misguided that it was a produce of Patanjali, the jam claimed that it was real pineapple, where pineapple flavor and not the fruit had been used.

Even as the Patanjali Food Products claimed that there was some misunderstanding over the labels that had been put on the products and there was no question on their purity, Haridwar district food security officer, R S Rawat said that a case relating each product would be filed in court of the additional district magistrate and in all six cases would be filed.

Rawat said that a maximum fine of Rs 10 lakhs could be imposed for misleading consumers on false claims of a product under section 52 of the labeling and Packing Act, while a maximum fine of Rs five lakhs per produce could be imposed under section 53 of the Act, if the product is found to be less impure than what has been claimed.

A journalist with over 40 years of experience, Jagdish Bhatt was Editor, Hill Post (Uttarakhand). Jagdish had worked with India's leading English dailies, which include Times of India, Indian Express, Pioneer and several other reputed publications. A highly acclaimed journalist, he was a recipient of many awards Jagdish Bhatt, aged 72, breathed his last on 28th August 2021 at his Dehradun residence.

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  1. says: Dhiraj singh

    It is only poltical drama some currped ledar our cauntary are below of line that make to us the pride of nation.so dont warry after some our missan will be compete we sure.pray to god for missan “jai bhart”

  2. says: manju

    The products are 100% pure as per the reports by labs.Because of agitation against black money Swamiji is facing these issues.

    But swamiji aage bado hum tumhare sath hain

  3. says: ramjeet

    I use products for Patanjali it is very good but I have honey from Patanjali I tested on home I found it eas duplicate so I request baba if products is not there do not sail but don’t spoil the trust which we have on swadesi products

  4. says: Dushyant Singh Bhada

    I am new user to Honey after coming to know about its great vale and with great trust i am using Patanjali made honey . I hope and Pray that it is pure !!!!!!!!!

  5. says: Shrawan

    Pantjali Honey is worst product, purchaged 1/2 kg but quality is too poor that impossible to test of product. It’s smells badly and it’s made from sugar.

  6. says: Asif

    I just brought the honey. How can he sell in this price. Minimum standard organic honey is2500 rupees. I am surprise. Please explain baba ji. U did not mention any thing on bottle.
    I think u have to write details about your organic claims. Still I feel u r not corrupt.

  7. says: Raghu

    if these products are really substandard/fake as claimed by whatever lab, why are’nt these products banned? And if the lab have goven a wrong test report, why aren’t the labs banned?

  8. says: Nilam

    Swadeshi product Lena achchi bat he par log bahot bhole he milavat Vali chizo ko pure man lete he Google par dekho sab Kya Kya milavat he paranjali ki product me . Honey to suger syrup hi he .I respect thise people who work for our country like against black money but iska Matlab ye nahi ke honey ke nam par suger sell kare.

  9. says: Nilam

    Paranjali honeyis made from suger not pure .Swdesh apnana achi bat he par logo ko ullu banana ye business hi he pure. Ya standard achcha kare ya bann hi hona chahie.pure honey itna sasta koi kese de sakta he .jago grahak jago

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