Fish Die in Srinagar’s Nigeen Lake

Kashmir Lake
File Photo: Lake in Kashmir Valley

Srinagar: A large number of fish have died in the Nigeen Lake in Srinagar and the Jammu and Kashmir’s fisheries department Sunday attributed the mortality to depletion of oxygen and fluctuation in water temperature.

In a statement issued here, the department said: “While the department expresses its regret on sudden mortality of fish in Nigeen Lake due to depletion of oxygen and fluctuation of temperature, the department assures that it will take the required precautionary measures for their protection.”

“This (fish mortality) happens when a water body is loaded with high quantity of nutrients along with flow of large quantity of untreated sewage,” it said.

“When in summer a high temperature spell continues, the oxidation of nutrients is also very high resulting in depletion of oxygen levels in the lake. Secondly, due to sudden fall in temperature some adverse effect must have been caused on the fish life,” the department said.

The Nigeen Lake and the Dal Lake which are considered the lungs of Srinagar city have suffered immense damage during the last two decades because of discharge of waste into them. Encroachment on the borders of these lakes have also added to the degradation.

The Jammu and Kashmir High Court has been monitoring the official efforts to save these water bodies.


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