Aman Kachroo ragging case: Convicts may return to college

Aman Kachroo Ragging CaseShimla: The four medical college students convicted of ragging to death their junior, Aman Kachroo, in Himachal Pradesh may soon return to the classroom. The state government freed the students Aug 15, seven months before their four-year rigorous imprisonment was to end.

They are likely to be given admission again to Rajendra Prasad Medical College and Hospital in Tanda in Kangra district from this session. Ajay Verma, Naveen Verma, Abhinav Verma and Mukul Sharma were held guilty in November last year for Aman’s death March 8, 2009.

After the incident, the students were expelled from the college for two years.

Official sources said the convicts had approached the Himachal Pradesh University in Shimla, under which the medical college falls, to get them readmitted to complete their course.

“Since their expulsion has to be reviewed after two years, they have approached the university. We are taking legal opinion in this regard,” said a university official.

College principal Anil Chauhan said Thursday the university had the provision to allow them to complete their degree course.

“The students were expelled for two years and the term has been completed. Now they can approach the parent body. Since the university governs all rules and regulation, it is up to the university to decide their readmission,” he said

“There is no harm in giving them a chance to rehabilitate,” he said.

The three convicts were third-year MBBS students, while the fourth, Ajay Verma, was an intern at the time of the incident.

“The government has tainted them forever,” said Aman’s father Rajendar Kachroo after coming to know about the convicts’ release from prison.

“The boys had only a few more months to complete their regular sentence. By staying in jail they would have elevated themselves morally and made a contribution to the cause of eradication of ragging,” he said.

Additional District and Sessions Judge Purinder Vaidya had held them guilty of violating Sections 304 II (culpable homicide not amounting to murder), 452 (house-trespass after preparation for hurt, assault or wrongful restraint), 34 (common intent) and 342 (wrongful confinement) of the Indian Penal Code.

A Supreme Court-appointed committee had visited the college and found rampant alcoholism on the campus and lack of anti-ragging norms as the reason behind Aman’s death.

The committee had recommended action against then college Principal Suresh Sankhyan, who resigned from the post after the incident and was compulsorily retired by the government a day before he was to officially retire Oct 31, 2009.

“Aman collapsed and died due to injuries which the post-mortem report has linked to the incident of ragging,” said a magisterial inquiry by the state government, holding Sankhyan responsible for the lapses.

-Vishal Gulati/IANS

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      1. says: Sharad Shah

        They are criminals and they should not be allowed to practice medical, so why they should be allowed to re-enter university ? Kutte ki dum tedi ki tedi hi rahti hai. They will be always unethical.

  1. says: Ankur Vyas

    I agree to Abhay singh they can never become good doctors as they are murderers and as a lesson to all those who play with others lives for the sake of their fun in the name of ragging they shud nt b allowd to pursue medicine, what happened in tanda is a shame to himachal and it will b of further shame if u make these killers doctors shame on them

  2. says: Vibhuti Nakta

    how can you guys comment without actually knowing the truth…… nobody becomes murderer by choice……and why only these poor boys there are large number of people who commit far more henious crimes and are scot free….. then why cant these boys live their lives after they have undergone their period of scentence……
    while we say that one should be given a second chance…… don’t they deserve a second chance…..

  3. I agree with Vibhuti, I am sure that they have suffered a lot in the past few years and so have their parents, but that wouldn’t bring Aman back to his parents, The time which they have spent in the prison will haunt them for the rest of their lives, but we as a society should accept them as we would do for our own loved ones, and give them the chance to become a doctor and save lives of people they can!!

  4. What a mess the HP Govt. has made of something which actually had to be a landmark judgement to discourage ragging in educational institutions! Even a complete 4-year term of prison was not enough for the killers of Aman. Imagine someone killing the son/daughter of a HP Govt. cabinet minister in ragging, had they taken the same decision? I know they hadn’t? Pain is painful not only when you feel it, it is also painful someone else feels it…

  5. says: Vibhuti Nakta

    so u think inorder to lay a land mark judgement….. their young lives should have been slayed …… btw do u know that along with them many other convicts have also been released…. then y only pinpoint at them or rather their release…… This is how we are hippocritic when it comes to ourselves we seek “mercy” and wen it comes to others we seek “justice” …

  6. Nice. these criminals should be ragged to death in the collg They should be labeled “butchers” in thr colg . Who was the stupid judge who gave them just 4 years of imprisonment for taking a life while they thought of becoming doctors.what a shame…!!

    1. says: Piyush

      It’s not the judges job to Decide a jail term or he goes. Y existing set of laws that dictate the quantumOf jail term based on the crime. I grieve for aman. It you have to u d’├ętat and that the seniors although stupid and cruel, did not have murder on their mind. Ie oluntary manslaughter is what. They are guilty of. Stop saying things like “hang them” etc. just shows how ignorant you are. Besides, everyone deserves a second chance. In fact their. Ingest. Punishment would actually to become doctors and then live with the guilt and fear of being recognized as “the one who killed that kid”

  7. says: sawan

    I am surprised by the way people who know nothing about the incident, nothing about the 4 ‘convicts’, nothing about making an informed comment, are labeling these 4 people as ‘murderers’ …
    i would only like to suggest that you should get some correct information about the whole episode before jumping to conclusions.
    i’m sure you will agree that the system of providing justice can be flawed at times! ant that is exactly what happened in this case.
    so dear ‘intellectuals’ please, at least try to bring justice to the adjective i have just used for you.

    1. says: Sharad Shah

      Sawan, if they are innocent, why they are not proving them innocent ? Trying to protect criminals also is crime. Are you doing that ?

  8. says: nishant nadda

    murderer’s…!!….these ignorant ppl shud get there fact right….n even if they think so…..basic idea of imprisonment n lyf after dat is rehabilitation….u ppl dont hav any idea vat these 4 students n thr families have gone thrgh….d death was sad….but these ppl suffered a lot 4 vat they actually havn,t done….so..u ppl ”live n let live”’….

  9. says: nishant nadda

    111 prisoners were released on 15 aug…n yet again our enthusiastic media is after these 4 students…who might have a bright future ahead…n will surely serve community after they become docs …they wr nt criminals,,mind u…they wr budding doctors….denying them a 2nd chance will be a shame….

  10. says: dr vipan

    pls for God sake give them a chance,,,they are not dreaded criminals,,,they have already suffered a lot,,remember they are also human beings a son, a brother in addition to being a medico. what ever happened, lesson learnt, now pls move on.
    if we can offer govt jobs to militants in the name of rehabilitation, after they have killed / raped dozens of innocents, these kids deserve better treatmnet

    1. says: Sharad Shah

      How you know lesson learnt ? Their jail term was not sufficient. Medical profession should keep these idiots away.

  11. says: Prashant

    So we people have grown so great so big that we are judging that fundamental right the birth right of completing education should be denied just bcz law judges sum1 at fault . . . It all cry and hue created by our respectd media that just works for T.R.P. . . No 1 has got a right to stop any1 frm learning . .frm educating frm excelling in lyf . . . And just knw details first thn be a judge . . . I strongly support and welcome their comeback . .nt bcz i am myself a medico. . Just bcz this al was misfortune. . .both sides suffered a lot . . .bt wat wil any1 gain by draggin it. . They shud come back become ful fledged docs. And serve society . .

  12. says: Prashant

    And mind you people who the hel can doubt their capabilities ! They hav received such a set back already . . Indian law never governs itself . . .
    Peopl posting against showing hate just knw thy self this hatred is a crime itself. . .!

  13. says: anonymous

    It is possible that these guys did not intend to any harm but they were part of this sad and unfortunate incident. I don’t think any of us is in a better condition than the other to judge whether they were responsible or not or if at all they were, then whether they have reformed or not. we should not talk here about suffering because if these guys suffered there are others who will suffer for the rest of their lives. it was a criminal case so lets not talk about forgiving and forgetting. the judiciary is in a better position to judge so let them do their work for which they are better qualified and let us do what we are ‘qualified for’.

  14. says: PP

    I think society should ban these 4 murders and spit on their parents faces. What upbringing and culture their parents have given them? and now they can become money cannot buy in India..I wonder when are these murders going to join Indian politics.

  15. says: Varun

    @PP- What abt Ur upbringing and culture?? Do U know how their parents feel, do U know what their stand had been all this while before suggesting that everyone spit on their faces?? What regard for the elderly man…cheers…

  16. says: arun soni

    in all this hue and cry, what people have forgotten is that they were also students and three of them just of second year with an opportunity to better serve the humanity now, especially when they have undergone 3 & 1/2 years behind bars for single slaps. Hate the sin and reform the sinners, to let them join the mainstream, i think, it is this where true essence of indian criminal justice system lies.

  17. says: Kapil

    College principal Anil Chauhan said Thursday the university had the provision to allow them to complete their degree course.

  18. says: ushinar

    these peoples should not be allowed to join college. The country will not suffer if these criminals do not become doctors

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