Candlelight education for Himachal Pradesh University students

Shimla: Violence infested Himachal Pradesh University is giving a tough time to students in the midst of examinations as the authorities have shut down the hostels to prevent further clashes between Students Federation of India (SFI) and Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) students political outfits.

Forced out of hostels, the students sitting on pavements in protest were seen studying under candlelight.

Photo: Amit

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  1. says: Shankar Thakur

    what stupid decision is this on part of the VC to shut down histels.
    I think thats what he do when gis kids fight in his house ” lock ithe hoause diwn and live in a hotel ”
    This shows his in competence in handeling the matters..and what is the clown govt doing?
    Students should file damage claims in court against the HPU and probably arrange some mental help for the VP.

    Shame on students aswell who try to be netas and and fight like roosters and spoil their carers and That of their fellow sudents.Like wise shame on you HP police. What else you have to do apsrt from behaving as private escorts for neta log and doing traffic challans.?? Its up to the HP police to stop riots luke this. . I beleive the next time thr is a riot (whuch is nevar goibg to happen in HP) the HP police would simply block all the highways and put in finite cerfew instead of dealibg with the situation. Lol

    All the best fellow students and down with the HPU. Management.

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