BJP rubbishes Himachal Congress rally as a flop show

Shimla: With opposition Congress appearing a divided house at the Dharamsala rally on Thursday, ruling BJP in the state have termed the public rally held as a flop show for neither was the gathering large enough nor was the leadership united.

BJP spokesman Ganesh Dutt stated that with each senior congress leader arriving at the public rally venue separately and escorted by a different set of supporter, the much hyped event showed the deep dissension within the opposition as each leader appeared to be an aspirant for the chief ministers’ post.

The spokesman pointed out that instead of levelling corruption charges against the state government, it would have been better if Congress men had looked inwards to see the level of corruption prevailing in the UPA government.

The spokesman said that the opposition was making false allegation to befool the people before election time.

Retorting the Congress charge of Himachal on Sale under the BJP government, Dutt made a reference to the Benami Commission report.

He said that during the time of Congress government as many as 2068 sanctions under Section 118 had been permitted for buying land, whereas BJP had only accorded 1297 such permissions.

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