India tests 5,000-km range Agni-V missile

New Delhi: India today created history with the successful testing of the much awaited Agni-V long-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile that can accurately hit targets more than 5,000 km away.

With this launch, India entered an exclusive club of nations that have this capability, becoming only the fourth nation in the world after US, Russia and China.

The missile test was carried out at 8.07 a.m. from the test range in Wheeler Island off Orissa coast, India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) chief V.K. Saraswat told reporters at the test site.

“India is today a nation with proven capability to design, develop and produce a long-range ballistic missile. India is a missile power now. The three-stage Agni-V missile’s entire performance has been successfully demonstrated. All mission objectives and operational targets have been met,” Saraswat said.

The Agni-V will go through a series of tests before it is inducted into the armed forces. But this missile provides India the capability to hit targets deep inside South Asia.


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