50 percent seats in Shimla municipal polls reserved for women

Shimla: Being considered a precursor to the general assembly elections to be held later in the year, election officials today declared that 13 wards of the existing 25 wards in Shimla Municipal Corporation are reserved for women candidates.

Elections to the MC are slated to be held in May-June.

Deputy commissioner Onkar Sharma, who is the district electoral officer making the announcement before political parties said that for the first time 50 percent reservation was being given to women in the MC election.

On the roster basis, in the next election the women reservation seats would be limited to 12 seats, he added.

In accordance with census 2011, announcement was made to reserve four wards reserved for SC category which included Krishnanagar Ward No. 11, Annadale ward No. 4, Khalini ward No. 24 and Phagli ward No. 10.

Out of these four wards, two wards i.e. Krishnanagar and Annadale were reserved for women through the draw system.

None of the wards have been reserved for Scheduled Tribe.

The wards reserved for women through lot of draws were ward No. 13- Lower Bazar, Ward No. 05 Summer Hill, Ward No. 03 Kaithu, Ward No. 17 Sanjauli Chowk, Ward No. 21 Kasumpti, Ward No. 07 Boileauganj, Ward No. 06 Tutu, Ward No. 12 Ram Bazar, Ward No. 08 Tutikandi, Ward No. 01 Bharari and Ward No. 02 Ruldubhatta.

Elections for the position of Mayor and Deputy Mayor are to be contest on party basis through direct elections, unlike the preceding elections where it would be an indirect one as the two positions were filled by an election among the councilors elected.

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