Catfight between Osama wives: Third accuses first of betrayal

London : The third and youngest wife of Osama bin Laden has accused his first spouse of betraying the Al Qaeda chief and revealing his location.

The two wives — currently in custody in Pakistan — were involved in a “vicious catfight” when the elder accused the younger wife of “sticking to Osama like a prostitute”, The Sun, the popular tabloid, reported here.

The two are in custody since bin Laden was killed in May last year by US special forces at his mansion in Abbottabad city near Islamabad. Another wife and eight children are also in custody.

Wednesday night, security personnel were given “strict instructions” not to leave the 61-year-old Khairiah alone with the 29-year-old Amal, in case one of them kills the other.

A commander from Pakistani spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) told the daily how Amal suspected that Khairiah had betrayed bin Laden by leaking his location in Pakistan to the US.

“Amal described Khairiah as ‘the real killer of Bin Laden’. Khairiah accused Amal of sticking to Osama like a prostitute who wanted sex 24 hours a day,” the official said.

Amal was injured while attempting to shield bin Laden from the US Navy Seals during the military operation.

In transcripts of interviews, Amal said: “Osama loved me the most. We used to talk about romance, other things apart from Al Qaeda things. In the last days, he felt he was being tracked down by the US forces and their allies. He said his death was to be orchestrated by his wife (Khairiah) or family. He was ready to face it.”

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