Yuvraj Singh has lung cancer

Shimla : Indian star cricketer Yuvraj Singh is undergoing treatment for cancer , his physio was quoted as saying Sunday .

Yuvraj , 30 is reported to be undergoing chemotherapy in the US . The cancer is at a dangerous place and rare but curable . He has been out of action due to his illness for the last few months .

Yuvraj is one of the most swashbuckling cricketers in world cricket . He was instrumental in winning the cricket world cup for India in 2011 after 28 years .

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  1. says: kailashverma

    Yuvraj sing digoneses Cancer,but now a days it is curable. Along with chemotherapy one medicin formuleted by

  2. says: Lt Gen Dr mohan Bhandari

    Yuvi, we ,together, pray to our Presiding Deity Lord Badri Vishal for your total& speedy recovery.India needs you.The world needs you.As a fighter, win over ! We want you back pretty soon to hit each ball of the over for a six.GOD BLESS,GOD SPEED & GOOD LUCK !!

  3. says: manikandan.r

    yuvi u r my heart, the cancer is not only for u but also for me please recover as early as possible other wise i will be hearted u r the real hero for me like a commando

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