Shimla to impose Rs.200 entry tax on cars

Shimla : If you heading for Shimla, the erstwhile summer capital of British India, to enjoy the cool hills coated with cedars, be prepared to pay an entry tax of Rs.200 if you are travelling in a car that is not registered in Himachal Pradesh.

The Shimla Municipal Corporation will impose the tax from April 1 at all entry points to Shimla on all class of automobiles, both commercial and private, not belonging to the state. The measure is expected to raise Rs.6 crore annually.

The corporation approved the measure, in line with that in force in Manali town, at its budget session that began Monday, an official said .

A two-wheeler will have to pay Rs.100 per entry, whereas a car and a bus have to pay Rs.200 and Rs.500 respectively per entry.

Mayor Madhu Sood said the funds generated through entry tax would be utilised for creating infrastructure for the tourists.

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  1. says: Devinder K Sharma

    This is a good measure to raise resources and an attempt to contain the environmental degradation by restriction. The resources raised should be dedicated for use to improve the overall environment of the town and up-gradation of the civic amenities for the visiting tourists. When a local government institution charges green tax in lieu of the entry of vehicles into its territory, it is also expected of it to provide adequate parking facilities, preferably at nominal parking fees or free of cost to the visiting tourists. If the local body is thinking of making this levy a part of its general revenues, this will just go down into very nominally mitigating the revenue deficit the Shimla Municipal Corporation has. If it succeeds in reducing, albeit nominally, the number of vehicles entering Shimla, the purpose of the levy will have succeeded.

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