Zardari to return soon, says sister

Islamabad : Asif Ali Zardari is expected to return to Pakistan “once the results of his (medical) check-up are available in two to three days”, the president’s sister Faryal Talpur said Thursday.

“Zardari is in a stable condition after undergoing tests for a heart condition in Dubai and he is expected to return to Pakistan once the results of his check-up are available in two to three days,” Online quoted Faryal Talpur as saying.

Zardari suddenly left Pakistan for Dubai Tuesday, triggering speculation about his health. There were also rumours of a coup, which US scotched Thursday.

The official line was that Zardari had gone to Dubai for medical tests and also to meet his children, though Pakistan Army doctors who carried out a medical check up declared him fit. A US magazine quoted a former American official as saying that Zardari had a minor heart attack and may resign as president.

Asim Hussain, a doctor who has served as Zardari’s personal physician, said: “His condition is stable. He has been kept in the ICU because a lot of visitors were coming to meet him. I advised him, in order to reduce visitors, that he should stay in the ICU so that he can rest.”

Hussain said he expected Zardari to return to Pakistan by the weekend.

“His activities have been very hectic over the past few days and I think he is stable now. He will be (in the hospital) for two to three more days. Once the results of the tests come in, he will be discharged and he will fly back home,” he said.

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