Salman Butt’s family postpones sister’s wedding

Karachi : Salman Butt’s family is in a “state of shock” after the former Pakistani cricket captain was found guilty of spot-fixing and has postponed his sister’s wedding for an indefinite period.

Butt, described as the “orchestrator” of the spot-fixing during the 2010 Lord’s Test, was handed a 30-month jail sentence by a London court Thursday.

Butt’s father Zulfiqar said his son’s lawyers will appeal against the verdict. And in view of the sombre atmosphere in the family, Zulfiqar said he had indefinitely called-off his daughter’s wedding.

“She was scheduled to marry in Lahore this month, but it has been postponed because the family is in a state of shock. Her in-laws understand our grief,” The Express Tribune quoted Zulfiqar as saying.

Butt’s family has maintained that their son is innocent and has been made a scapegoat.

Zulfiqar said he is ready to be hanged in public if Salman is proved to be corrupt.

“If Salman’s involvement is proved and evidence is provided that he took money, I tell the nation that my son Salman and I are ready to be hanged publicly,” Zulfiqar said. “I have brought up my children never to do such a thing.”

Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer, the other Pakistani cricketers involved in the spot-fixing scandal, were given a 12 month and six month term.

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